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Machines - Coin Slides - LaundrySupplies Commercial Coin Slide Hardware. Coin slide hardware is essential to any commercial laundromat operation. Our selection of durable and secure laundromat coin slides is priced so you can easily outfit your machines with the newest slides, and ensure you and your customers are getting the most out of your space. Coin Laundry | Coin Operated Equipment | Coin Operated Machines Having the confidence that your coin op machines will not only function when needed, but will function properly is a key to success in the Laundromat business. With Mac-Gray, you not only can get the best names of coin operated washing machine manufacturers, but you also get the backing of our 80 plus years of industry experience. Commercial Laundry Information Archives | Page 73 of 120 | T ... How to Fix a Jammed Coin Slot on a Commercial Washer As a laundromat owner you know there is nothing more frustrating than having a coin jammed in one of your machines. Whether the cause of the jam is a damaged coin or a worn out slide mechanism, remedying the problem can be easy if you know how to take the machine apart to get to…

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SOLVED: Coin operated machines: slide mechanism is not mov - Fixya I had a coin washer and dryer.The slider has little ... If the coin isn't placed and the slider is pushed hard will jam. Mine had a side cover with a ... Jammed Coin Slot Washing Machine - GVE ASIA Jammed Coin Slot Washing Machine, 2. RE: Theft Cought on Camera.

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Maytag Commercial Model MAT12CSDGW - Coin slot is jammed … Apr 01, 2012 · Maytag Commercial Model MAT12CSAAW - Coin slot is jammed and won't come out, how can I free it? - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician Coin slot stuck in the in position....coin stuck in slot Apr 30, 2009 · you need to take the coin slot apart take pictures as you go to put back together the parts to change amount are hidden inside it in hidden compartment if they wheren't removed by some one. your machine didn't come with the coin mech so if you don't have the parts you will need to take it with you to the parts house to get right parts. open the top of the coin mech box there are 2 long rod The coin slot is stuck/jammed - Fixya

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Slide-operated coin mechanisms are used for a number of coin based services, from newspaper racks to coin-operated laundry machines. These devices have vertical slots into which coins are put (typically quarters) that are set in width to match the width of specific coins; some can also take tokens that are shaped like coins.

Chances are someone has already slapped the side of the machine where the coin slot is located. Try upping your game, place a piece of wood (or something that will protect the paintwork) against the side nearest to the slot and use a hammer to rap sharply on the wood to try to unjam it. Don’t hammer too hard as to cause damage but the vibration may loosen the stuck coin and will make it fall in or out.

washing machine, turn on all hot water faucets and let the water flow from each for several minutes. This will release any accumulated hydrogen gas. As the gas is flammable, do not smoke or use an open flame during this time. • Do not allow children to play on or in the washer. Close supervision of children is necessary when the washer is Cheating those coined washer/dryers? - Non-Ski Gabber ... One of my mates has a method of cheating the coin slot by using a coin of similar size and a coat hanger to force the mechanism to accept the incorrect coin. Pretty much all he does is put the coin in a bit then just stick in the coat hanger and wiggle it around a bit until it accepts the other coin. Used Coin Operated Washer and Dryer | Best Coin-Operated ... When you purchase our used coin-operated washer and dryer equipment you will receive warranties based on the machines you select. We offer many excellent services such as: bi-lingual customer service, sales, delivery, installation, removal of old equipment, maintenance visits and repair services.

How to Replace the Drain Pump on an LG Front-Load Washer | Home ... The pump on an LG machine is located in the front of the washer on the ... the washer on the bottom left by inserting a flat-head screwdriver into the slot on the ... LG Washing Machine · Appliantology: LG Washer Jammed Drain Pump Impeller ... Remove Coins Stuck Inside a Front-Load Washer · Clear a Pump Impeller on a ... Hack my laundry card? : hacking - Reddit There is a machine in the lobby where you can put your credit or ... a $20 bill, stuck a piece of cardboard in the money slot, and yanked out the ... Guide to Setting Up a Communal Laundry - Article | DLS Maytag Jul 10, 2017 ... Read more about Guide to Setting Up a Communal Laundry and stay ... up a washer, only to discover that a $2 coin is jammed into the coin slot ...