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We illustrate this slot allocation model with a case study of a Taiwan liner shipping company and the results show the applicability and better performances than the previous allocation used in practice. 1. Introduction Since liner shipping is a capital-intensive industry, the liner companies must invest large sums on vessels and containers.

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Jihong Chen, Xiang Liu, Xiaohua Zhang, Junliang He and Lihua Luo, Optimal Bilateral Cooperative Slot Allocation for Two Liner Carriers under a Co-Chartering Agreement, Journal of Navigation, 70, 05, (1170), (2017). Analysis of Slot Chartering & Allocation Decision-Making for ... Through cooperation of slot chartering,shipping alliance develops superiority of scale economics,provides good quality service,enhances competitive ability and makes more benefits than before.Based on traditional mode for vessel allocation of liner shipping,a new model is set up to analyze the problems of route transport capacity cooperation implementation and decision making in respect of ... What is allocation? – ShipStation

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The liner shipping network design problem is NP-hard (1). Research on liner shipping network design can be classified into four categories.∈P Λr Percentage of ship slots on ship route r ∈R controlled by the liner shipping company Container Demand There are many types of containers to transport... container liner shipping_书面语例句

Collaborative slot allocation model The collaborative slot allocation problem is how MTPs allocate the available total slot capacity for vessel space as well as train space according to shipper types from every origin“An optimal containership slot allocation for liner shipping revenue management”.

and formulation for practical slot exchange planning and al-liance slot allocation. Ting and Tzeng [18] described the slot allocation problem of a liner service and proposed an integer programming model to obtain ideal allocated results for single directional traffic flows. This model can be only conducted on A revenue management slot allocation model for liner shipping ... A revenue management slot allo... More details; A revenue management slot allocation model for liner shipping networks . Sebastian Zurheide and Kathrin Fischer. Optimal Slot Allocation in Intra-Asia Service for Liner ... Slot allocation in intra-Asia liner shipping is more complex than that for long-haul liner shipping. This study uses revenue management modelling as a decision-support tool to enhance profit and management performance of liner shipping agencies. The model is explained using a case study of Taiwan liner shipping company. Three-echelon Collaborative Slot Allocation Planning for ...

LINER SHIPPING: IS THERE A WAY FOR MORE COMPETITION? Anila Premti No. 224 March 2016 Acknowledgements: The author would like to thank José Maria Rubiato, Jan Hoffmann, Pierre Latrille, Martin Roy, Prof. Rosa Greaves, Felix Heitmann, Jörg Mayer and two anonymous referees for their helpful comments

Abstract: The problem of container allocation on routes draws the attention of liner shipping industry gradually. To solve this problem systematically this paper starts from the slot allocation model, based on which puts forward a method to work out the container allocation volume at ports and on vessels according to their different characteristics respectively, then the paper makes efforts on ... Difference between Slot charterer and NVOCC Operator What is the Difference between Slot charterer and NVOCC Operator..?? This was one of the interesting questions one of the readers of this blog asked me.. NVOCC Operator = Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier. The NVOCC can and sometimes do own and operate their own or leased containers A revenue management slot allocation model for liner shipping ...

Optimization of slot mutual exchange and allocation based on ... Optimization of slot mutual exchange and allocation based on revenue management in liner alliance: YANG Hualong 1, WU Lingxiao 2, YUE Anna 1, ZHAO Chen 1: 1. School of Transportation Management, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian 116026, China; Publications | ORIS Zurheide, Sebastian, and Kathrin Fischer. "Revenue management methods for the liner shipping industry." Flexible Services and Manufacturing 27 (2015): 200-223. Zurheide, Sebastian, and Kathrin Fischer. " A Revenue Management Slot Allocation Model for Liner Shipping Networks." Maritime Economics & Logistics 14 (2012): 334-361. Revenue management in liner shipping - EconBiz Revenue management in liner shipping . Sebastian Zurheide. Year of publication: Fuzzy Chance-Constrained Programming for Optimal ...